I am the Water Monkey

Not literally. Maybe just a regular monkey and you must agree with me – for sure. What I actually mean is that today I discovered something new about myself: I was born in the Year of the Monkey, according to Chinese calendar.

Let me unwrap it. In Chinese astrology, each year is associated with a Chinese zodiac animal sign and one of the five elements: Fire, Wood, Water, Metal, or Earth. It is said that both the sign and the element of your birth year may affect your personality and destiny. Element-sign combinations recur every 60 years so I am rare.

I was born in 1992, so I am a water monkey, like Leonardo DaVinci – that is cool – and that means: I am smart – What’s new – , a fast thinker – eeeeeeeh, okay – , fond of being in the spotlight – Cameras love me – and a bit arrogant – nonsense.

I went today to a very interesting event at my university about Chinese culture. It was organized about Event Management Students in collaboration with the LCCA (London Chinatown Chinese Association) to reclute some volunteers for the Big Event: CHINESE NEW YEAR in Trafalgar Square, London that will take place on February 18th. I went last year and it was awesome, with a Chinese Dragon parade and thousands of people – don’t go if you suffer of agoraphobia – and I am planning to go to the next. You should go too if you live in London.

Anyway, during this event I saw typical dances, classes of Chinese calligraphy and a demonstration of Kung Fu. Now, that was incredible. The teacher or Sifu – she explained to me Sifu is an honorific title, it means master of an art – performed a few forms – set of Kung Fu moves – with three students, fighting together, against each other, and even using a Broad Sword – the one from the picture. Every movement was studied to the detail and performed in a dutiful and paced way. Each move had an hypnotic impact on me. My mind was focus on the showdown but my body was moving with the sword – It sounds weird but you need to see that to understand me – and it was amazing.

Kung Fu is all about focus and finding an inner peace and balance between body and mind. Each student practices the martial art for a different reason: Fitness, self-defense, get motivation or build self-confidence – Kung Fu requires discipline – which it can be achieved due to the fact that Kung Fu obligates you to escape your confort zone.

The key is in relax and inhale and exhale in order to focus the chi or energy, a reference I got thanks to the Netflix show Iron First – that show is so good, why did it got cancelled? My name is Danny Rand and I am the inmortal Iron First. Damn, that is intense.

Do not be afraid of exploring new things. It is fun, and there are so many interesting things out there for you to discover and life is too short. Just saying…

Today I learned I am a water monkey, fact that has been in front of me my whole life!

-Santi, cut that hair, you look like a monkey – I heard a thousand times from my parents and friends.

Well, I do not have to, because my name is Santiago Perez Viso and I am…

The Water Monkey.

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