The greatest superhero dies

He couldn’t fly, he didn’t have any special sense or could read minds, but Stan Lee made us believe such powers could exist. Behind the pages or his comics, his imagination became his greatest superpower. Generations of kids grew up loving the Incredible Hulk, Spiderman, Capitain America and company.

To whoever doesn’t read Marvel Comics but watched the movies, Stan Lee was the guy that appeared in every movie. That’s how I met him actually. I started reading comics when I was 10. I was first introduced to Spiderman and there was something about him that really captivated me. I guess it was the fact that Peter was a normal guy and after an accident he just got spider powers. So if he got them, why not me? Through COMICS, I was exposed to a cathartic expierence. I imagined I was part of the story.

When I was a teenager, I wasn’t the most popular guy in high school. I was already a geek by then, and that doesn’t make you get points in front of my fellow classmates. I was lonely and a bit bullied. But once I was home I could forget about everything that could happen to me in that damn place. I would open a comic and lose myself in between its pages.

It allowed me to become one of them, to be saved by them. And nothing of this would happen if it wouldn’t be for Stan “The Man” Lee.

He was a hero to all of us comic readers  he was one of the first in defying the laws of reality, by imagining characters with special abilities. He brought them to life in a way that makes us feel them real.

Such an immortal icon will remain alive in our collective imagination, specially with all the cameos he had already recorded for future Marvel movies. So for many many years we will still be with us.

But wherever you are now, Stan, I just want to let you know how thankful I am to you, and like me, thousands of people thank you too. You gave us so much, and you deserve to rest.


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