Open your eyes, look up to the skies and see…

…how Freddie Mercury must be looking at us thinking “those poor mortals, if they would just know the truth”. I agree but, does it matter? He was a music genius, one of those you rarely see once every 300 years.

Mozart became the first “sex, drugs and rock n’ roll” star, defying the standards of music, daring to reject the stereotypes of that time creating unique and timeless music that people will remember forever.

The movie Amadeus (1984) – very recommendable movie – imagined the life of this “rock star” in the 18th century, abusing of alcohol and parties until his personal demon took him away when he was just 35 years. I cannot imagine the wonders he would continue accomplishing if he would had died later.

The movie Bohemian Rhapsody (2018) in the other hand, focused in Queen’s music and accomplishments as a band, rather than the private life of Freddie – and that became the topic of debate. Movie Critics hated it because it wasn’t the “gay porn movie” they apparently wanted to watch. Instead, we got a general – 2h to summarize everything – but personal insight of him, as well as the band composing their greatest hits.

I may never know how his parties really were and all the obscene things he might have done, and I am fine with it. I would actually be disappointed if the movie would focus on that.

Band members Roger Taylor and Brian May were involved in the production from the beginning- they had their own agendas in the matter, fact reflected in the film – and thanks to that, the movie felt real, like a “thank you” letter to all of their fans.

Because of their envoltment, the movie was made “by the numbers”, made riskless and safe. Is that necessarily bad? No, it’s not. It is not brilliant but is not a bad thing either. The fact that Brian Singer was fired almost at the end of the production didn’t help either.

Does that mean I had no problems with the movie? Well I had a few, but not a big deal. Like I mentioned before, the story is not 100% accurate – another of the most debated discussions – but come on, how could they really fit 15 years of someone’s life in just 2h 15min without playing with the timeline? I completely got that.

I took my time to write this review – more of an opinion piece – because I wanted to watch it several times first, just to see if my opinion about this flick would diminish, achieving the oposite.

Bohemian Rhapsody is a celebration of their music, made exclusively for fans, who will, no doubt, enjoy without listening at the reviews. You will sing along and clap like crazy. You will wish you saw them live and if you are not a fan, after this movie you will be. 

The movie is not perfect but, as Freddie said “Nothing really matters to me”.

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