Brick by brick – or how I grew up

I am amazed by the imaginative world of LEGO, and how if you connect piece A with piece B, ecetera, etc, etc you can build an amazing figure, and that made me think? Does it work for everything? I mean, can I – and my personality – be compared with a LEGO? I was just wondering how someone builds their own personality.

Okey, stay with me and imagine that to achieve a satisfactory final result every brick must be the right order. For this analogy, each brick represents an experience, and expiercences help build character. But how do we know the right order of the bricks? Well, with the instructions manual – a methafor if you like for parents – eager to show us their idea of a “finished LEGO” – or grown up.

Parents are the ones who constantly teach and show us how we should be when we grow up. Every block must be in its place. But one thing is see the final LEGO in a picture, very well done, with a little photoshop and cool visual effects to sell more evidently but kids once they finish doing it they observe very disappointed that the figure doesn’t look the same, it is smaller and crazier. In pictures everything looks better it has to, our parents – manual of instructions and even the box – tell us we have to look exactly like that but we simply can’t.

And that’s it. We are stuck with that feeling of incomplete realization due the huge expectations the manual and the box – parents – gave to the kids. So what do we do? Break it relocate the pieces and try to improve it or stay with it as a reminder of a failure? Well most of the kids don’t accept that and break the LEGO, without taking in consideration the directions of the manual and that is called being a teenager. 

So the kid stops challenging himself to challenge the LEGO and the manual of instructions specially claiming to be absolutely capable of building the figure by themselves without any guidance because you know, they are so wise (ironic pause). Everything they learned they ignore it, clumsiness or arrogance who knows, but it’s a fact. 

And then monkey see monkey do, the day-a-day of a teenager. If you build your own version of LEGO but hey if it is different from the rest of kids, the kid will be a weirdo a pariah. They stress themselves to be accepted and to follow every single fashion and believe me there are tons of them. But the idea of fashion comes and goes is a lie well it’s more like a bad reading. They never change but you I mean that kid are the one who grows up and evolve, jumping from one trend to the next like a cangaroo. I’m no hypocrite, I did it myself but I was always too late. I spent fifty euros in my first converse because everybody else had ones but dirty, so my first day I got them dirty too, to fit you know? Now Is think I was no more than a silly naive kid. That’s life. 

Nowadays, being weird is the fashion and everybody wants to be alternative and that is a bad thing for me because I’ve been weird all my life. That didn’t help me in high school and now it looks like I am cool but everybody else is pretending. Being geek is cool now wearing superhero t-shirts. It kinda ruined that for me and what is going to happen to me when people gets bored of this trend and jump to the next one? Am i going to change too? I want to say no but…

You never know!

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