What if… Marvel heroes were real

I love superheroes, it doesn’t matter movie or comic I die for knowing what aventure they are going to have next. As a superhero lover every time I read/watch a comic/movie I feel like I am with them and I love that they catch me with so much power.  

This been said, one thing is living their adventures through comics/movies and another very different, have to suffer – in real life – the consequences of having real superheroes. 

Kids wish them to be real, but they obviously didn’t think about it properly. Don’t worry. I did.

Heroes wouldn’t be that loved in real life. How could we? I would publicly loathe them for making me feel insecure – that would be the official reason but off the record it would actually hate them because of jealousy – why I am not one of them? Why a normal guy as Peter Parker was bitten by a radioactive spider and i cannot? – I tried when I was a kid. 

Watching the Marvel movies you kinda imagine how would it be to live among them. It could be cool, I will not deny that but, it would come with 5 main consequences – that I thought of:

  1. Society would live in terror: knowing that superheroes are real means that real menaces are possible. Try to visualize all the disasters that take place every time superheroes tried to save the world: like the destruction of Greenwich when the dark elf faced Thor, the battle of New York or Sokovia. Thousands of people died that day, many lost their families. 
  2. Mutants. If they were real and we discover about their existence we would fear them. No question. We would also judge them for the way they look. We would never let them integrate among us – not me, personally. I would actually be amazed by their uniqueness. I would love to be friends with one of them. 
  3. Kids would fantasize about superheroes, which would be dangerous. Parents wouldn’t be the main role models anymore. Superheroes would fill that spot, and kids will grow thinking fighting the bad guys and do reckless things because it is…well… “cool”. 
  4. The governments would reclute their own legion of superheroes. Every conflict that is currently happening right now would increase by 100 if countries have people “with abilities” in their armies. 
  5. The issue that worries me the most: If they would be real means that comics/movies woudn’t probably exist. Watching these superheroes on the news without any context would make them look even weirder. 

There are for sure more issues but I don’t want to write a book about it. You may think this reflexion is pointless and you will be right, but my mind is always thinking about useless things like this. 

P.D. If Marvel heroes would actually exist, nothing I wrote really matters due to the fact you probably died during Thanos’s snap. 

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