Universal Studios: treasured memory

Living is a short process, and I mean shot because 70-90 years are not enough to do it all. Some people keep trying living their life to the fullest and some just are happy with their way of life. But there is a third kind, in which I include myself: the ones who live from memories. 

I treasure those that made an impact – somehow – over my life. There are some – the day I propose to my now fiancée , my first Queen concert – imposible to forget, and one is: Universal studios. 

I am a movie lover, as such, I enjoyed that visit in a special way. My family and I went to United States for a two-month-holiday trip about 10 years ago,  crossing the whole country, from New York to Alaska, passing through New Orleans and Dallas. We visited Vegas – where my parents were married by an Elvis in front of my 7-year-Old brother and myself, I promesas I’m not lying – the Great Cannon – in helicopter – San Francisco – and Alcatraz prison – and Los Angeles – and Hollywood, obviously. 

Once we were there, my parents took us to Universal Studios. While my father took my brother to the rides, my mother had other surprise in mind for me. She bought VIP tickets to visit the stages, the movie replicas and learn a bit more about the whole movie-manning process. 

I held on my hand actual prosthetics used in Jurassic Park, I saw Marylin Monroe dresses, the main houses of Desperate Houswives – and we had to keep it quiet as they were filming at that time, the clock tower of Back to the Future and the cars… and much much more.

I also had a few disappointments. I learned that Tom Hanks wasn’t in a dessert island but a stage built in the middle of a giant swimming pool with a green screen at the end. I also discovered the glass that breaks in movies is eatable, and some professionals called stunts are the ones who take all the danger and not movie stars. 

And I remember thinking: what a bunch of liars! I love it! 

Yes, all is an illusion. All is made to make you believe it exists. And isn’t it wonderful? Why don’t – some – people like science fiction movies and instead they prefer something more realistic?

Movies are not about reality – even the ones based in real facts change some elements to create a more engaging movie, and that’s all right – they are about telling stories, and isn’t it great to be able to watch something that in real life could never happen? The Terminator – for example – may be real in a couple of decades, but it’s not yet, and yet we saw it in five movies – even if I only count the first two – and a TV show.

These wizards create visual illusions for us, and I, as a movie lover and a writer/director contender that experience opened my eyes and made me focus even more in my passion.

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