Retrospective – From vinyl to Spotify… told backwards

Everybody listen at music. I cannot imagine my life without my headphones. Music is that special last ingredient in a cake that adds a sweet flavor. It doesn’t matter what style do you listen to. This post is not about that. It is about how you choose to listen to your music. I will tell backwards my romance with music and how I enjoy it. From the end, till the very beginning.  

I will start from the end: Spotify. This revolutionary way to enjoy music doesn’t cease to amaze me. I can jump from artist to artist, listen to remastered versions of my favorite songs and playlists depending of my mood, style and hundreds of etceteras. Sadly, that doesn’t fulfill me. 

Most of us use our phones – specially in the street. It’s easy, confortable and you can upload as many songs as you want – unless you have an iPhone and problems with storage capacity like I do. There are so many songs I would like to enjoy but I can’t.

Despite of being 26 years old I’m old school. When I was a teenager I – mostly – used to listen to crappy MP3 players – before IPod – and Walkmans. I loved those. At home, I always used my father’s old stereo and put his collection of old CDs. That’s how I was first introduced to Queen. And boy, oh boy that was an expierence. The first album I listened to was Live at Wembley ‘86. I still have it. It’s a gem. 

At the same time I used CDs, I discovered the cassettes. My grandpa used to have a classic Mercedes – those that you only see old people driving – and the only way to listen to music in that car – if it wasn’t radio – was with cassettes. I found the album Queen II and we put it. The sound was dirty, I coudn’t understand some of the songs. I’m not crazy about cassettes to be honest. 

And enter the vinyl. Oh, the vinyl. There is a weird dirty sound at the back of every song, but – not like with cassettes – it didn’t bother me. In fact, it adds a cool vibe to it. Almost like the band is recording that album at the other side of the record player. 

Here there’s an anecdote. I was about 7 or 8 and I was at my uncle’s bedroom and put Stairway to heaven by Led Zeppelin on his record player. Right by the end, with the guitar solo, a black smog came out of it. The sound of a tiny explosion – that almost ruined the vinyl – scared us to death. Like my uncle said “This song was to much for the record player”. 

Vinyl may be the most uncomfortable way to listen to music, but it’s the best. The experience is not the same as with Spotify – the easiest solution. That’s why I use Spotify everyday and not the vinyls. But every time I put one of those, music takes me somewhere else. And as a Queen lover I will add: they sound much different on a vinyl. By the way, by different I mean awesome. 

And you? How do you listen to your music?

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