To protect the world: Protests in London

Some would qualify the concept of global warming as just a theory, but for those who protest tirelessly that is a fact. Through the first quarter of the present year there were already some important manifestations in England. 

The first took place in March the 19th, in which hundreds of thousands of students from more than 120 nationalities around the world took the streets to protest about the climate change in the man capitals of the world, such as London, Berlin or Sydney, and that’s just mention a few. 

A very important question that we all should be asking ourselves would be: do these protests work? They do create a sense of awareness among society. In a short period of time, they do work. People are conscious about the problem and a lot of us joined the cause. But in the long run, once they end, people tend to forget.

In this context of lack of a sense of responsibility towards the environment, people took the streets of London once more, on Monday, April the 15th, but this time it is different. “We tried to tell people using all our peaceful weapons on our disposal, but nothing works. We don’t want to just make noise, we want be heard” said Salvatore, member of Extinction Rebellion, the organizer of this protest.

To try to get the government to do something about this problem, Extinction Rebellion aims to make a stand against the government. Studies do prove the reality and specially gravity of this global-scale problem (

Extinction Rebellion demands to the government to create a Citizens’ Assembly and be led by them, to impart ecological justice. According to this organization, the government also must hurry to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to zero by the end of 2025 and admit the gravity of this situation by declaring an ecological emergency, communicating the urgency for chance with the assistance of other institutions.

Thousands of people are taking part of these protests, blocking the four more transited landmarks in London in this attempt to force the government to take action on the problem: Marble Arch, Waterloo Bridge, Parliament Square and Oxford Circus now under the control of the  protesters, which, for the last week, caused numerous delays in the Underground and the cancellation and deviation of all the bus lines that pass through the city centre. 

This manifestation became a social event, where protesters camp in the streets, share activities, such as yoga or Pilates and participate from daily protests in a pacific way. But despite of this, it has been already reported by official sources that more than 1000 people have been already arrested. 

The disturbances caused in the city centre obligated the police to take action and Waterloo Bridge and Parliament Square have been already opened to traffic, making the protesters to move to the two remaining points with no intention of leaving until the government agrees to their demands.

“I am coming all the way from Romania to fight for what is right. This is my third day here and we won’t move until we achieve something” said Juliana Miru, a student who is taking part of the protest.

A week already went on, and the number of protesters decreased, but those who remains in Oxford Circus and Marble Arch have hope in their message, waiting for a quick and positive answer from the British government. 

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